According to BBC News, Zimbabwe has one of the lowest reported COVID-19 cases [1] but like the rest of the globe, it has still been affected in one way or another. We are building a medicinal cannabis facility in Zimbabwe and the team have been doing their utmost to remain active and fulfil our mission.Our managing director, Tommy Doran has years of experience in challenging environments and has shared an announcement on recent events and how this has impacted the team…

“Our team on the ground are in great spirits, despite Zimbabwe still being under a level 2 lockdown; which includes a curfew and restricted business hours. They have all adapted well to working from home by utilising the online communication platforms.

We have been working very closely with the Government regulators in the cannabis industry so that once we are finally out of lockdown we can hit the ground running, not only as a company but also as a thriving industry. We have been busy finalising the compliance with our international consultants for GMP & GACP certification – which means our medicinal cannabis will be of the highest EU standard that has huge potential to treat those suffering with acute conditions or ailments.It has been a very tough year, not only for us but for the majority of companies and citizens in Zimbabwe, but we have been very fortunate to have the incredible support from our investors and leadership team in the UK. Despite the slight disruption of workflow, we are slowly getting back on track whilst ensuring the safety of our hard-working employees is adhered to.We are excited for a very prosperous 2021 as we are in high hopes that things will begin to normalise again. It’s important to mention that all of the heavy lifting has been completed and we have made great progress, it’s just a matter of patients during this pandemic.

Thank you for the continued support.”