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An Experience With Eco Equity, What Our Investors Had To Say…

At Eco Equity, we pride ourselves in creating a family-like culture for our immediate team and shareholders alike. We want investors to feel secure when entering into an opportunity with us and strive for a seamless and enjoyable experience.
Our employees are all from diverse backgrounds and their experience ranges from advanced degrees to those who started their career at Eco Equity and have worked their way up to experienced consultants with expert knowledge.
We build strong relationships with our investors and regularly share updates to ensure they are made aware of every part of the company’s growth.
What Our Investors Had To Say…
My relationship with Liam has been very good from the very first moment, he’s quite a friendly person and always been helpful with any issues or questions I had, demonstrating a good knowledge of the company’s issues and the market in general. – Jose Da Silva
Zavio has been great to deal with from the start. Very clear, precise and friendly. The dialogue was straightforward and efficient without being too corporate which suits me. I would say Zavio is a good ambassador for the business. I think he is well placed to grow with the business. Exciting times ahead. Looking forward to having a cold pint of beer with him post lockdown. – Anthony Barber
I felt that the investment opportunity was pretty unique and too good to miss. What also clinched was the way in which the company handled everything, from my initial enquiry through to the share purchase. The genuine nature of it all was very refreshing. Indeed, Eco Equity does feel like a big, friendly family, where everyone matters- shareholders are not just numbers! – Alison Burgess
Aaron has been brilliant! It was actually our conversation at the Cannabis Forum held last year that led me to choose Eco Equity out of the investment opportunities available to me at that time. His passion and knowledge of the industry is refreshing and he has always been available to answer any questions I’ve had along the way. – Folajimi Ayodeji

My experience, was one of open dialogue with Cameron and he was very patient and waited for me for over a year to make up my mind. Once I had decided to invest, everything was explained clearly, very professional and swiftly. – Kevin Burrows

It was a pleasure dealing with Dan, whom I found to be well informed about the business. His belief and enthusiasm for the cannabis industry is endearing and admirable! – Ayrian Singh
So Why Are So Many Recognising The Huge Growth In Medicinal Cannabis?

Getting involved in the cannabis industry is a smart and savvy investment that many seasoned investors are seeing the huge potential in. The European market is Eco Equity’s main destination focus for supplying to the global demand and was worth 240 million euros in 2019 according to Mjbiz daily [1]. This figure however is a drop in the ocean compared to a huge US$39.1 billion that’s its projected to reach by 2024 [2], according to Prohibition Partners – data analysts specialising in the cannabis sector.

A surprising amount of celebs have also admitted their passion for the cannabis plant and have even launched their own cannabis based businesses. Including the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Aniston. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

If you’d like a FREE consultation to further your understanding of the industry and make the first step towards a prosperous future investing in medicinal cannabis then please visit Investors to learn more.

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