The year of 2020 will go down in history as a year full of change, to say the least. The global pandemic sending us into a ‘new-normal’ just to protect ourselves and our families from a deadly and indiscriminative disease. It’s no surprise it’s changed everything, made its presence known and impacted many industries along the way. According to BBC News, US stocks saw the worst fall since 1987. [1] Now although we’re hoping to see those affected make a full recovery, we are pleased to share with you details on why the cannabis industry has been deemed ‘recession-proof’ and how it is showing no signs of slowing down, even in a pandemic. [2]

The industry burst onto the scene just a matter of years ago, shortly after CBD branded products appeared on the shelves of Holland & Barrett, THC therapeutic remedies for autoimmune disorders, epilepsy, meningitis and hyper inflammation all arriving on the pharmaceutical market-scene and since then it has come a long way, but the journey hasn’t been plain sailing. Now, in the year of 2020 we are witnessing predictions such as “by 2024 the UK medicinal cannabis market is predicted to be worth nearly $1.3billion (£1.03billion), servicing nearly 340,000 patients, according to predictions from the CMC.” [3]As a medicinal cannabis company we are focused on producing a pharmaceutical product that we believe has great potential to transform lives. It is important for us to make a social impact whilst remaining true to our business model and mission as a company.

You’re probably asking yourself, but why? There are many reasons that have contributed to what is now a soaring industry. The main reason is that people need their cannabis! As a pharmaceutical, medicinal cannabis supplier we know first-hand the therapeutic effects it can have on numerous conditions or diseases, ranging from your everyday back pain to reducing life-threatening seizures in severe epilepsy. Therefore, when nations announced a lockdown, people weren’t only stockpiling their toilet rolls and pasta, but their medicinal cannabis too. Another contributing factor is people are more conscious now regarding their immune systems and are actively trying to protect themselves from virus’s like COVID-19. Researchers say it has proven the efficacy of cannabinoids and their ability to reduce hyper inflammation (cytokine overproduction) a key issue for patients presenting with chronic or acute respiratory infections and other related diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Influenza etc. Visit to find out more.

According to Prohibition Partners, Most users either expect coronavirus to have no impact on their purchase habits or expect their consumption to increase. This is true in categories that are more likely to be used for health and wellness, such as medicinal cannabis and also CBD (e.g. oils, tinctures, gummies etc). [4]We’re looking forward to a post-covid buzz where we aim to be stronger, greener and transforming more lives. Whilst we continue to educate those on exactly why medicinal cannabis is important to us and why it could be important to you or a loved one.