Antigua Project Overview

Executive Summary

Here at Eco Equity, we’re dedicated to producing and supplying the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis and extracts to meet growing global demand. We’ve set ourselves one clear goal: to be the biggest producer and distributor of medicinal cannabis from Africa and the Caribbean into global markets.

We’re working hard to create a top-quality product available on a wholesale scale, giving people vital access to a natural cure to life-threatening illnesses. And as part of that mission, we’re sowing more seeds of growth by launching a new operation in the Caribbean – Eco Equity Antigua.

Business Units


  • Two Dispensaries
  • Delivery
  • Antigua Cannabis Museum


  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse

Testing Laboratory

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Mass Spectrometry (MS)

Extraction & Processing

  • Alcohol Extraction
  • Ethanol
  • Supercritical Co2

Timeline: Year 1

In April 2020, we’ll kickstart our operation in Antigua with our first exclusive dispensary, rapidly ramping up cultivation to meet local demand. Nestled in the tourist port city of St. John’s, this dispensary will service local needs for medical cannabis, as well as serving a thriving tourist market. A second dispensary, strategically situated on the opposite side of the island near Jolly Harbour, will also serve locals and tourists.

Each of our Antigua dispensaries will distribute at least 600 lb of high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis flowers per year – sourced and imported from our state-of-the-art cultivation site in Zimbabwe. The dispensaries will also sell a range of luxury and celebrity-endorsed branded end products, and other medical cannabis-related paraphernalia.

History of Medicinal Cannabis in the Caribbean

Back in December 2018, St. Vincent and the Grenadines became the first of the Eastern Caribbean States to legalize the use of cannabis for scientific and medicinal purposes and allowing cultivation under a rigorously regulated system.

Jamaica welcomed its first medical marijuana dispensary in 2018, when Kaya Farms opened along with sister companies Kaya Herb House, Kaya Café, Kaya Spa, and Kaya Tours. These businesses provide interesting options for Jamaicans and tourists alike by selling cannabis for “medicinal and therapeutic purposes.”

Puerto Rico legalized medical marijuana in 2015: as a United States territory, it’s aligned with the marijuana legalization in most of the U.S. Meanwhile, the Cayman Islands already legally imports cannabis oil. The U.S., British, and French Virgin Islands are other regions for potential cannabis reform. And the U.S. Virgin Islands has taken huge steps towards changing cannabis laws by changing penalties for possession.

Dispensary & Delivery Target Market

Eco Equity Antigua is spearheading a new retail concept that gives consumers a reliable source for cannabis and cannabis-related products. Our dispensaries will offer a fresh, upscale, professionally managed outlet for the sale of medical cannabis cultivated both internationally and locally by our team of highly trained and experienced cannabis professionals.

In addition to our dispensary locations, we’ll offer delivery services to local hotels, resorts and residences. Our strategy is to grow organically from our first dispensary to our second dispensary in June 2020, and additional corporate-owned stores, retail locations and pop-up locations and events.

Cannabis Museum Antigua, St John’s Port

Every year, thousands of tons of cannabis are produced and sold in the Caribbean. And it’s long been a key theme in pop culture, religion, music and art in the region, with its long-standing illegality often leaving references to cannabis shrouded in mystery and secrecy.

As the legalization of cannabis gathers pace, the global dialogue is changing and opening up. That’s why we believe it’s vital to educate and inspire people when it comes to this fascinating topic. To achieve this goal, we’re setting up the Antigua Cannabis Museum, showcasing the good, the bad and the ugly history of cannabis.

Cultivation Strategy


Located close to St. John’s Port and VC Bird International Airport (ANU), Eco Equity Antigua’s cultivation facilities will be housed in a 6,500 ft2 facility with ready access to electric power and fresh water. Each room is estimated at 2,475-2,800 ft2.

The cultivation operation itself will take up approximately 2,700 ft2, with the capacity to house and grow enough plants to produce and harvest at least 600 lb of flower per year. The main building sits on 13 ha of land and the entire perimeter of the property is fenced. There is one main guarded entrance/exit located at the side of the property facing the road, while the entrance/exit has 24-hour armed security guards with video/motion/alarm monitoring.


  • Low production cost per gram
  • Low product and facility contamination risk
  • High-quality, consistent product
  • High yield
  • Net annual income to support operational expenses
  • Monthly sales and capacity increasing steadily throughout the first year

Our Antiguan team had an enjoyable Christmas in the sunshine

Eco Equity

Acquired a license for the cultivation of cannabis, manufacture of products, supply, store, import and export for medicinal purposes and or scientific use

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