Thinking Big On The Environment

Just a few days ago, the naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough expressed his alarm about the precarious state of the planet. “The moment of crisis has come”, he said. “We have been putting things off for year after year. As I speak, South-east Australia is on fire. Why? Because the temperatures of the Earth are increasing”.

As part of the drive to tackle climate change, 20 January marked the kick-off of Big Energy Saving Week – a national campaign designed to help people slash their energy bills and access all the financial support they’re entitled to. Simple changes like changing energy supplier or switching tariffs can help make our homes more energy-efficient – and save the environment along the way.

How We’re Helping The Environment

We’ve all got the power to save energy and the environment through a proactive approach. And here at Eco Equity, we’re no exception. We’re playing our part by taking positive action in the places where we operate. At our operations in Zimbabwe we take our corporate responsibility very seriously – and we’re proud to have kicked off a number of initiatives designed
to protect and conserve the local environment.

Seeing the wood for the trees

When we cut down the trees to build our operational facilities, we donated any wood we didn’t use in the construction process to the local community, who put it to good use in a variety of ways,
including as firewood.

Saving for a rainy day!

What’s more, we also harvest rain and recycle water to keep our usage of natural resources to an absolute minimum. Due to the high temperature and dry climate in Southern Africa, sustainable water conversation and supply is vital.

Building facilities, building jobs

We’re also committed to creating jobs in the communities where we work, by employing the local community. In fact, we expect Eco Equity to create more than 100 new jobs in Zimbabwe alone
– that’s more than £1 million in salaries, millions in social security taxes and millions in insurance
each and every year.

Just The Start Of Our Environmental Story

Our environmental goals don’t stop there. So what’s next on the agenda? Going forward, we plan to implement solar-generated powers in both of our overseas locations, as well as exchanging diesel generators for hemp.

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