We’re excited to share some big news about our Eco Equity Zimbabwe Project.

Just over a year ago, we kicked off our Zimbabwe project. Now, the hard work and dedication shown by our investor relations team has helped us to hit our targeted first round capital raise! This standout achievement now sets us up to successfully deliver on the mission objectives we set out for our medicinal cannabis cultivation project.

Our share price has now hit £0.41 – up from £0.10 – putting the value of the company at £147,600,000. And this means that existing investors who made a savvy investment in the early stages of the company’s life are now reaping the benefits and are perfectly positioned for a promising future as part of the Eco Equity investment family.

So what’s next on the agenda for us? As well as our second round raise for Zimbabwe at the new share price, we’re now making great progress on our latest new project-venture, Eco Equity Antigua. With a bigger and more exciting scope, this venture is poised to build on our success so far. This project includes a cultivation site that’s similar to the Zimbabwe business model, Antigua’s first dispensary license, wellness brands and products, and the ‘Antigua Cannabis Museum’ – showcasing the colourful history and culture of cannabis. All projects will be right on the doorstep of a thriving tourist market in the heart of the tourist port of St. Johns.

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