We’ve got some bad news…and some good news. First, for the bad news: it’s Blue Monday today – the most depressing day of the whole year. The good news: things can only get better from here! And if you’re feeling the pain of Blue Monday, you might be wise to check out the mood-enhancing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

Of course, it goes without saying that depression itself is far more serious than just feeling a bit fed up. But there’s some compelling evidence that CBD can make a real difference.

CBD Oil Can Reduce Depressive Symptoms

According to Depression Alliance, CBD oil has been found to be effective in helping to treat depression. While it doesn’t cure the condition, it has been linked to a tangible improvement in the symptoms that make up this debilitating illness. So how does it work?

Endocannabinoids – the cannabinoids produced in our own bodies – play an important role in regulating key functions like mood, pain sensation, sleep and appetite. They do this by binding to receptors – specific points of brain cells – through which they activate the production of a chemical called serotonin. And it’s serotonin that’s responsible for improving mood and reducing stress levels. Serotonin also works by binding to its receptors in brain cells. When this happens, they trigger a series of events within each brain cell, stimulating processes that boost mood and enhance stress control.

It’s important to remember that not all CBD products are created equal. Here at Eco Equity, we’re dedicated to producing a high-quality, effective product that makes a genuine difference to the people who really need it. And it’s not just designed to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression, but those of many other illnesses too.

Stay Positive This January

January can be a tough month all round. You’ve got a financial hangover from Christmas, and it’s cold and dark. So if you’re struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel on Blue Monday, we’ve put together some handy tips to help you stay positive:

• Get outside. We all know that the endorphins produced by exercise can give us a real mood boost. So make the time in your day to get out for a brisk walk. You might even catch a rare ray of January sunshine while you’re at it!

• Take a good look at last year. It’s hard to see the wood for the trees in January, so a look back through 2019’s photos and memories can remind you that you made it through a miserable January last year too!

• Don’t be too hard on yourself. If your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again. After all, it doesn’t really matter that it’s January: you can take positive action to improve your wellbeing – whatever the time of year.

• Use this month productively and make 2020 your most prosperous year yet. At Eco Equity we are offering high growth opportunities for investors in this thriving medicinal cannabis industry. Get in touch to learn more: info@ecov1.vivify.dev