Medicinal Cannabis License Zimbabwe

In preparation of the physical copy, Eco Equity has been setting up physical operations in Zimbabwe, in conjunction with the Medicinal Controls Authority. 

Our team on the ground have been working tirelessly to ensure that we’re on course to be in production this year with product offtake secured throughout Europe. We will be making further announcements around some of these partnerships very soon!

Eco Equity would like to announce that in conjunction with our partners in Zimbabwe, we have now received our official & legal copy of our license to grow, cultivate and export medicinal cannabis in Zimbabwe. We are the very first company to receive our documentation!

Positive impact on Zim:




building economy

helping community

The positive impact our project will have on Zimbabwe is monumental.

We are supplying over 80 jobs in poor communities, boosting their economy by renting land, organising events even before the seeds were in the ground; such as gifting children in the local community with football shirts, school equipment, school shoes and confectionary items.

Plan operations

Now we have the official license, it gives us the freedom to expand our project, provide more jobs in low cost regions, build trust with our investors and more importantly distribute a top quality product which has the potential to change lives. CBD is the future, and Eco Equity’s plan is to build a trustworthy and recognisable brand whilst educating consumers - that’s our way to success. 

Our plan is to build an eco-friendly facility which is set to be the leading distributor of medicinal cannabis from Zimbabwe into the EU.

“Together with our partners in Zimbabwe, we have the opportunity to take a leadership position in the medical cannabis industry in Africa. 

Our aim is to develop medicines that can help millions of people throughout the world and we’re the first company to qualify for a medical cannabis license in Zimbabwe to do this. 

Furthermore, this presents an outstanding opportunity for us to multiply our partnerships in Africa to help drive the company’s international growth through additional, larger-scale drug development programs.”

JP Doran

CEO, Eco Equity

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