As a cannabis cultivator, producer and exporter we have an important role to play in the seed-to-sale journey – which includes the entire process from planting the seed on our 350-hectare site in Zimbabwe, growing and nurturing the plant, harvesting & processing it then exporting to Europe as a raw botanical flower and oil and packaged before finally reaching the consumer.

Now to successfully achieve this you need the expertise behind you to ensure EU-GMP (good manufacturing practices) are met and fulfilled throughout the entire process. There are 3 key members of the Eco Equity team who are crucial in making this happen!

Tommy Doran

Tommy is Managing Director of Eco Equity Zimbabwe and his expertise in project managing is second to none. In 2013 Polyoak Packaging Pty ltd decided to establish a Zimbabwean manufacturing business in Zimbabwe and headhunted Tommy to lead the operation as their National Executive. Tommy and his team took from concept and set up a multi-million dollar world-class facility. This is why Tommy was brought into the company, to build a world-class GMP certified greenhouse.

Soheill Ghaffari

Soheill is a well known and highly experienced professional in the cultivation of cannabis and has created formidable genetics such as SherbOZK which has become an urban legend inside the cannabis community. His passion and energy for medicinal cannabis is inspiring and is a key part of Eco Equity’s success!

Jonathan Millbank

Jonathan has a microbiology and advanced business degree and although acts as Group Marketing Director, Lifesciences and healthcare are integral to producing pharmaceutical and clinical data insights that resonate with our audience of pharmaceutical and healthcare partners. Although he doesn’t work on-site or in the lab anymore his knowledge is a huge asset to our brand.

The Timeline

After being mildly impacted by COVID-19 we have rigorously been keeping to our project timeline in order to reach our goals.

As well as our expert team managing the project we also have trained and experienced security staff, technicians, construction labourers and horticultural team to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. These team members all play a key part in our seed-to-sale journey.

How We Differ From Our Competitors

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, one way that we stand out from the crowd is our commitment to quality, whilst we actively seek to fulfil our corporate social responsibility promise. In 2019, prior to the pandemic when travelling to our site in Zimbabwe wasn’t a difficulty that involved quarantine and PPE… we spent time finding new ways to help aid the community, with the end goal of contributing to Zimbabwe’s economic recovery. We aim to employ over 300 staff in the country with a proportion being youths and a balanced gender representation.

Fulfilling The Entire Seed-to-Sale Journey

We have recently acquired an e-commerce CBD brand and plan to organically grow our product at our key site in Zimbabwe to then export and package ourselves and retail to our customers. This is all part of our aim to manage the entire journey to ensure quality and efficiency in all parts of the process. Keep your eyes peeled for Eco710 coming soon!

What Does This Mean For Investors?

The upside for investors is that they have full confidence in us handling the product without the risk of cross-contamination or white labelling unknown products. Our passion and drive for this industry is what makes us strive to be pioneers in the space as a pharmaceutical supplier of medicinal cannabis to serve the growing, global demand.

According to Health Europa:

“Despite inevitable regulatory delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, European cannabis demand remains strong and continues to evolve… Regular consumers of cannabis are projected to spend 62.7 billion euros this year.” [1]