The COVID-19 outbreak has us all feeling a mix of emotions, the constant unanswered question of when we will finally be out of lockdown, meanwhile adapting to a shift in your current routine. Finances and home schooling may also add to the current state of your stress levels.

Now before we explain what we believe is the answer, think about what this pandemic has made you realise about your priorities:

The health and happiness of your friends, family and yourself comes first.

Which is why stressing over what you can’t control has no positive impact on your current wellbeing. Read that again.

In an interview with Forbes, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey says, “I think generally stress comes from things that are unexpected,” [1] – which is exactly what we’re feeling right now, the uncertainty and shock of the new normal. Even successful entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey experience stress, caused by change.

As a medicinal cannabis company working to produce an effective, life-changing medicine we want to educate those in managing stress. CBD directly interacts with various ion channels to confer a therapeutic effect [2] – helping to calm the mind and relax the body, with minimum side effects. In comparison to benzodiazepines based sedatives, which doctors commonly prescribe such sedatives to treat conditions like anxiety and sleep disorders [3] – often brought on by stress.

However sedatives have a number of side effects such as: blurred vision, dizziness, impaired perception. [3] Not to mention the long-term effects which could even result in amnesia and liver failure. [3] Every medicine has potential side effects, but those associated with Medicinal Cannabis are known to be mild [4].

At Eco Equity, we strive to produce a product that will support the general wellbeing of others and want to help those looking for an alternative form of relief for stress.