After the COVID-19 pandemic making its presence known at the beginning of this year, no one could have predicted the impact it has had. Especially after The Office of National Statistics (ONS) released a statement that the UK economy is now going through the ‘largest recession on record’ resulting in many industries suffering. [1]

Our team in London adapted well to ‘work from home life’ and they are making good progress with the second-round raise for our project in Zimbabwe. Whilst our team in Zimbabwe had to stop work for a short period, things have quickly resumed, and we are able to stick to our projected annual timelines in anticipation of a fully operational 2021.

Our head of horticulture, Sam Ghaffari, has expert experience as an agrarian scientist with a speciality in cannabis and is a key member of our team in helping us to produce an effective product for global markets…

“Well it may seem that the whole world has come to a halt with the pandemic disrupting many industries, it’s refreshing and energising to see that the cannabis world has continued to progress with market growth and resilience during this period. At Eco Equity we have been equally as successful with our operational plan and achieved quickly and efficiently all our early milestones at our site in Zimbabwe, it will be truly the first of its kind in Africa.A positive that has come out of this period is that we have had the luxury of time (a very rare thing in such a fast-paced industry) this has helped us look in detail at every aspect of our operation. During the pandemic, we have continued with our breeding program and have since varied it with award-winning genetics, enhancing the cultivation process and have harvested some very exciting results which we will be rolling into the early full-scale production strategy.

In the cultivation stage we have also been working to develop propriety cutting-edge nutrition innovations and processes at our Zimbabwe campus-site, and without going into too much detail I can say that we have developed novel approaches to achieve higher quantity and quality of active pharmaceutical ingredient.We have also used this time to review our production and have since designed new and more efficient methods that will allow us to lower the cost of operation.We are very excited and cannot wait to share these final results with you all.”