We’ve all read articles about the extravagant gifts that celebrities shower upon their loved ones. From the $14 billion (£10.8 billion) bronze statue that Roman Abramovich gifted his girlfriend, to the $80 million (£61.6 million) superyacht Anil Ambiani gave to his wife, extravagant gifts keep making headline news. Rather than paying £2,000 for your loved one to meet Santa at Harrodsthis year, or giving them a luxury gift that will soon lose its value, consider making a high-growth investment on their behalf through a private equity fund instead.

Invest in Their Future with The Right High-Growth Opportunity

Rather than giving your child, friend or family member a luxury gift that will lose its value over time, consider investing in a high-growth opportunity on their behalf. Selecting the right opportunity is key, with certain sectors offering far greater returns and faster yields.

Currently there is a clear emerging market which is steadily growing and set to keep gaining traction. According to Bloomberg, the ‘global cannabis industry is projected to reach $66.3 billion (£50.4 billion) by 2025, representing a 23.9 percent compound annual growth rate.’ (Bloomberg.com, 2019).

Some analysts are even predicting that the cannabis industry will overtake the alcohol industry, a phenomena which has already been seen in Colorado – the first US state to legalise recreational use of the drug. ‘Licensed vendors in the ski resort of Aspen raked in $11.3m (£8.2m) income from cannabis last year, compared to $10.5m (£7.9m) brought in by off-licenses.’ (Baynes, 2019).

Equity funds offer the option to invest in high-growth areas like cannabis on a loved ones’ behalf, helping you to secure their financial future and show how much you care.

Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Financial Security

A high-growth investment made through an equity fund can help your loved ones to achieve their dreams, plan for retirement, attend university or care for their families. The need for this kind of financial security has never been greater, with socio-economic factors leading to a widespread lack of savings and increased debts.

The Real Impact of Financial Uncertainty

The best way to help your children, friends and family to save for the future, is to
make a wise investment on their behalf that offers far greater yields than a
standard savings account can provide. This gift will truly keep on giving throughout
the years, in a much more meaningful way than a luxurious trinket ever could, no
matter how impressive.


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