It’s no secret that 2019 was a rocky year for some cannabis stocks, this was mainly down to market consolidation and the supply chain – the demand was rife but the supply shortage became an issue for many cannabis companies. Despite the disappointing results toward the end of 2019, experts are optimistic for companies as 2020 progresses. [1] The legal cannabis market in the UK alone is expected to balloon to £2.31bn in 2024. [2]

The turbulent time for the cannabis market last year, combined with the current economic downturn it’s proved that, as a nation we need to recognise that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

“In order to get over something, you have to go through it.”

With this in mind, the cannabis market is hitting record numbers in recent months, if one thing COVID-19 has shown us is that the demand for cannabis; in various forms, is essential during a crisis and in demand by global consumers. People need their medicinal cannabis to help manage day-to-day ailments, not only for the recreational user but for those wanting to improve their wellbeing and strengthen their immune system – in times where health is paramount, more so now than ever before.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Of course we believe in the benefits of cannabis but did you know these famous ‘cannapeneurs’ also have invested interest?

Jimmy Buffett

Singer, songwriter and businessman launched Surterra Wellness last year – a range of wellness-focused cannabis products and lifestyle merchandise. As well as Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian – to name a few other strong advocates.

What A Time To Be Alive

So whilst other markets have taken a dip, now is the time to explore the potential of legal cannabis, specifically unlisted, pre- IPO opportunities. Due to the nature of the investment and it not carrying the risk of market turbulence. According to Forbes, The cannabis industry is “uniquely positioned to weather the storm” of COVID-19, tax and data experts declared during a webinar for 500 cannabis businesspeople.” [4]