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Pandemic Stress Management

The COVID-19 outbreak has us all feeling a mix of emotions, the constant unanswered question of when we will finally be out of lockdown, meanwhile adapting to a shift in your current routine.

Why The Cannabis Market Is Soaring

It’s no secret that 2019 was a rocky year for some cannabis stocks, this was mainly down to market consolidation and the supply chain – the demand was rife but the supply shortage became an issue for many cannabis companies.

Adapting To The New-normal In Isolation

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to escape the Covid-19 hysteria, you’re stuck indoors all day despite that one hour allowed outside your front door and the media is filled with the scary latest updates. It’s forced our society into a “new-normal” and as human beings, we thrive on social interaction so it’s no surprise some of us are starting to feel the isolation-blues.

Medicinal Cannabis and Autism

At Eco Equity, we pride ourselves in raising awareness for various disorders and diseases. We are striving to be an educational hub for the medicinal cannabis industry whilst helping those suffering from acute symptoms to seek a potential cure.

Uncovering The Stigma Behind Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis may be taking the world by storm, with clinical observations, efficacy studies and clinical trials all indicative of a proven active pharmaceutical ingredient. But it’s far from a new phenomenon. Prior to use as a prescribed medicine, primitive applications where numerous, Ancient Greeks used it to dress wounds and sores on their horses.

A Leaders Biggest Price To Pay? Insomnia

It goes without saying that entrepreneurs are highly successful and driven people. But that success can come at a price. Even the cash-rich can be time-poor, and sleep can be one of the first things to take a hit when you’re under stress.

Medicinal Cannabis vs. Opioids

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic pain, and automatically reach for opioids for relief. But while opioids can be effective when well controlled, they can come with unwanted side effects.

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